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Maybe it’s all the Thai Iced Coffee we drink during our biz meetings at Stone Creek Coffee.  Or maybe we just can’t wait to meet everyone at the Craftacular!!  Either way we’re bouncing in our seats and just couldn’t wait to share a small preview.

Here’s the ruffley plaid scarves I mentioned earlier!  They make me think of the long autumn walks I like to take with my friend Dana. We fill mugs with mulled wine, pull on boots and layers, and try to find the biggest piles of crunchy leaves to stomp through.  Of course it is way too swampy in the Midwest to be doing that but we know how quickly that can change.

Each scarf feels like it was made from one of your dad’s old shirts.  It’s super soft and warm and the ruffles add the perfect lady-like touch….


kate & kerith


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Hello again, friends!  Sorry we’ve been a way for so long. There’s been lots of career changes in the last month for both of us! But now we’re getting back on track and will hopefully be blogging more regularly.

First housekeeping item of note: come visit us at the Craftacular in Madison!!! It is on Sunday, August 15 and I think it will be loads of fun.  We’re busy making new items as we speak!

Next up…here’s a fun little project that involves recycling AND picnics.  A denim picnic blanket!  My hubby and I just cleaned out our closets and realized it was time to part with several well-loved jeans. Like any good crafter I couldn’t bear to throw them out. It’s even a pretty great beginning sewer project. I cut 64- 8″ squares of denim using as much of each pair of pants that i could (hence the odd seams and a few pockets thrown in…but I love the variety!). I covered the back of the blanket with a simple cotton plaid. With the back panel and denim patchwork’s right sides together I sewed all around, leaving one square. Pulling the blanket through that one square it only needed that little bit stitched up and it’s good to go! Here are some pics:

While I was working on the blanket I found the same idea in an issue of Readymade.  Meh, I suppose great minds think a like, although I’ve been a bit disappointed with Readymade over the past year. Anyone else have any thoughts on that?

Anyway…thanks for stopping by! Be sure to bookmark our blog to watch for all the news we’ll be posting. Things to watch for: craft show previews, better pictures, pattern reviews, artist features, and beautiful things.



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