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Compulsive craft is all about the idea of constantly needing to create or try out a new project.  Currently I have 5 projects on needles, one chair I’m in the process of recovering, and countless lists for future projects in my head.  A couple weeks ago we were waiting on a new shipment of yarn to come in and I felt so anxious without any to work with!  So I started making icords out of scraps.  I neglected to take any pictures during their making because they knit up just so fast!  I started thinking about what I could do with them and during my messing around I came up with these necklaces.  What do you think?  Would you like to see something like this in the shop?  Leave a comment below!  I’m the kind of person that likes simple accessories to jazz up an outfit and I think these might be just the right thing…


If you want to learn how to make an icord check out this simple video.


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once a month during winter my friend/ landlord/ best guy around peter helps to put on a winter market at discovery world near the lakefront.  there are a variety of vendors including handmade items, farms, and anodyne was there doing pour overs….mmmm!  there’s always a musician playing, too, and kerith and i have made it a tradition to send the performer a little present and note and to request some phil collins. we are doing a couple of these events this year which draws a lot of families and is a lot of fun. personally, i think we had the best spot as we were nestled between lalo and dwellephant we took some pics of our simple little booth….

that's kerith making some signs!

isn't kerith such a lady?

midwest needles action shot!

some sweet little hearts we made for valentine's day...

we have some more events coming up soon and we’ll be sure to let you know when and where to find us!

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apparently we’ve reached the halfway point finally.  kerith and i just ordered some spring yarn in colors that look like petals and sorbet and it feels like they won’t come fast enough.  we still have some fun things planned….this weekend we’ll be at discovery world for an indoor market, i have another “compulsive craft” post to do, and we might be doing our very first giveaway….so check back soon! also be sure to snag something from our shop before saturday or it might be gone!!

can you tell kerith is wearing a cutie patootie built by wendy dress?


these pins were for "lettering" in something in high school. my mom just gave me a bunch of old medals from my room. i don't even remember what i got these for....

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As we all know…the U.S. of A. has been hit with a crazy storm of freezing rain and snow.  Yesterday it looked like this…cars still out and about…

Today it looks like this…obviously, no one is driving down this street…

I took a little walk around my neighborhood this morning (after making muffins and posting a new cowl on Etsy), and I found one guy laying in the middle of the intersection.  He told me he likes to “play dead” in the middle of intersections during snowstorms because…”when do you ever get the opportunity to lay in the middle of the street in Chicago?”  Fair enough, my man…fair enough…

Here’s my favorite little strip in my neighborhood…and the coffee shop is open today!  But you have to go through snowdrifts 3 feet high to get there…

And after playing with Peanut, a neighbor’s pooch, I found this poor Volvo…

It’s so nice seeing families outside playing and laughing.  I love seeing little kids buddled up, running around, and falling over.  I love it!  But I thought it was cruel to take pictures of that…  🙂

Stay warm…or don’t!  Go play outside.



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