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Happy New Year!

We’ve been super busy over at Midwest Needles!  Guess what we’re doing…

We’re working on beefing up our shop!

Soon you’ll be able to order handmade items from our shop!  Made by us!  Kerith and Kate!

In the meantime, we’ve been taking custom orders, and we wanted to share a few with you!

And do a pattern review!  Two-in-One!

This is from One Skein Wonders by Judith Durant: the quick and classy clutch, which is indeed quick and classy!

This book is hit or miss for me.  There are a lot of patterns I’m not really interested in, but there are a few that I like, including this clutch.

These pictures are still from my camera phone…so, they are blurry. 

These clutches are simple to knit.  You knit a rectangle and then sew them around the handle and sew up the sides.  I used Brown Sheep Bulky yarn instead of the suggested yarn, and I also used a size 10.5 needle instead of 11.  This made the clutch a little smaller.  I like using the Brown Sheep yarn because of its price, quality, and the color selection.  I added a clasp to the inside to keep the purse shut. 

The rouching is the most fun of the project!  Bunching up ribbon and sewing it on is awesome!  You could really do a lot of different things here!  Patterned ribbon! Perhaps just a little rouching on one side?  Anything!  Fun!

The only problem I have knitting these clutches is the handle.  Most handles around don’t work for the clutch.  The pattern suggests making them out of dowels.  I did that.  But that is NOT quick.  I’m no widler, so sawing wood, shaping it, and glueing caps was time consuming, although I did manage to make them look professional and keep with the look of the clutch.

This is a great, simple, and sophisticated pattern for practicing cables before you go for somethin’ crazy!  And it’s classy!

What do you think?  Have you made this?  Did you do any variations on it?  We’d love to listen to your  brain!


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