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Here’s the PDF version of JT’s Windbreaker 2009.


More pics of the windbreaker will be up later this evening!





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A Midwest Needles EXCLUSIVE!!!!

JT’s a small little guy, and a dachshund, so the new autumn weather has inspired him to create his first piece for this season!  And now he doesn’t  get so cold anymore!

JT’s Fall WindBreaker 2009!!!

JT's Fall Windbreaker 2009

Perfect for the in between seasons!

This houndhugger fits nicely under a harness and isn’t too bulky!  And it knits up in a jiff!

Here is your first Midwest Needles exclusive pattern!

This pattern measures (approximately) 15 inches around the neck, 17 inches around the waist belt, 5 1/2 inches wide across his back, and about 10 inches long from his neck to the end!  It’s a very stretchy windbreaker, so it really is comfortable for JT, but also remember that when you’re trying it on your pup!  Don’t worry!  It’ll stretch!  If you need help adjusting for the right size…just email us! 


size 19 needles (woah)

Brown Sheep Burley Spun in the very manly “Blue Boy” color (you don’t need a lot, we just used some scrap).

2 large and in charge buttons.  We chose orange. 

co (cast on) 26 stitches

Round 1 k (Knit)

Round 2 p (Purl)

Round 3 k2, s (slip) the next stitch over as if you were to knit it, but just move it to the right needle, then k to the end (you created a little hole for the button!)

Round 4 p

Round 5 k

Round 6 bo (bind off) 7 purlwise, p12, then bo 7 purlwise again.  12 stitches remaining.

That’s the collar!

Round 7 k

Round 8 p

Round 9 k

Round 10 p

Round 11 k

Round 12p

Round 13 k

Round 14 p

(*so you just worked in stockinette stitch for a portion of the back until you get to his belt, this should be approximately 5 1/2 inches for JT)

Ok!  This part may seem tricky, but really, you can do it!  I know you can!  JT knows you can!!!

With a separate small amount of scrap on the opposite needle where there isn’t any remaining yarn, you need to cable cast on 10 stitches, leave them on your needles, and relax.

Then go back to the other side where you finished your last round of stockinette stitch, you need to cable cast on 10 stitches.

If you have questions about the cable cast on, we can help!  Also, there are some youtube videos (not of us) that are helpful!  

You should now have 32 stitches (10 of which are not attached, but soon will be…!)

Round 16 k (all of them)

Round 17 p

Round 18 k2, slip knitwise one stitch (like you did for the collar), then k to the end.

Round 19 p

Round 20 k

Round 21 bo purlwise 10, purl 12, bo purwlse 10. 12 stitches remain.

Round 22 k

Round 23 p

Round 24 k

Round 25 p

Round 26 k

Round 27 bo purlwise

Yay!  Those final stockinette stitches are obviously variable.  You can make it as long or as short as you want.  JT didn’t want it too long for his initial piece, but we have a feeling he’s going to come up with some craaazy outfits this season!

Flip the piece over so the knits are on the inside and the purls are on the top.  Sew on the buttons for the waist and the collar, weave in the ends, and ta da!  JT’s windbreaker!

We’ll be posting more pictures up once we have some help outside!

p.s. We’ll have it in PDF form tomorrow.  So please email us if you’d like the pdf version.  🙂 



You'd be thirsty too if you were this creative!

You'd be thirsty too if you were this creative!

P.S.S. Please try to remember we want to share our projects with you.  If you’d like to reuse them for your own personal work, obviously, we’d love that.  If you’d like to use it for anything else, please notify us and be sure to mention where you got the pattern from!  Please don’t steal!  It’s not nice!

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Here’s a hint…


You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the goods!

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We love fall for the same reasons most other ladies do: cable knit sweaters, scarves, tights, and  boots giving the feeling of being cozy without actually having to be inside.  And we obviously love fall because it’s the time of year we have an excuse to sit around and be creative!  Fall fashion is always amazing and gets our gears going…

We’d like to highlight a couple of our favorite designs for this fall season that inspire us to create!

Plum and teal seem to be popping up all over the place.  The rich, warm and seductive nature of deep magenta seems to balance the crispness of autumn air while teal enhances it. 

Here are a few catalogues we’ve been studying for this season that are focusing on purples and teal:

  • NOA NOA.  Everything about this designer…Wow.  I wish I could step out my door and into this amazing Danish dream… swoon…

p.s. they have a “miniature NOA NOA,” which is just as magical…

  • This is Lolly’s Laundry out of Denmark.  Other than the fact that I can’t stop staring at how gorgeous her hair is, the catalogue is amazing…



 Come on!  Make something!  What fall trends are you inspired by?

There’s so much beauty out there!  Create your own!  Be inspired!!!!

Show us what you got!


Have an inspired and exciting weekend!!!




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You want these.

Let’s buy them.



Even if you don’t know how to sew!  They’re so pretty!  Vintage textile inspired patterns!  You can’t go wrong!  ReproDepot’s got the goods!


And thanks to Design*Sponge for the review!

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