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Facebook Fan Fair!!

Hey! We’re having our first sale! Cuz we like you and junk!
From August 25- September 1 you get 20% off your purchase! Just become our fan on Facebook, if you aren’t already, and let us know in your etsy purchase. It’s so easy!

So, to recap: Be our fan on Facebook and then get a discount on our etsy page!


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Yeah!  It’s true!  And it’s fun!

Last year I had a bridal shower!  I got everybody a gift.  A latte bowl and a mini latte bowl (can’t find them on the web).  Then I wrapped ’em up a dishtowel!  It looked super cute!  Fairly basic, but cute!

And guess what!  Now we can be classy and crafty and wrap gifts with fabric…as an art!  And that’s eco-friendly!  AWESOME!

A couple of days ago, Craftstylish announced they were giving away a book titled, Wrapagami:The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps, by Jennifer Playford. 

Here’s a video she produced on how to wrap (simply) with fabric!

There are tons of other videos on YouTube  on Furochic wrapping.  Have fun!  Re-use!  Be creative!



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