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Hello again!

As you may remember, my parents spent Father’s Day up in the mountains doing a little photo shoot for me (I forgot to take pictures of a sweater that took me a million years to make).  And, boy, did they take it seriously…!!!!

Ok!  I’d like to note that my parents REALLY focused on the “Scandinavian” aspect of the sweater, and found really great places to take pictures of the sweater in what may look like Norway (actually Loveland Pass, Dillon Lake, and Idaho Springs, CO)!!!  But they took no photos of the details or the stitches of the sweater!!!  But I’m ok with that!!!  Because they spent Father’s Day together having fun and making an adventure out of the fruits of my labor!!!!  🙂




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For a while now, my dad has been really wanting a traditional Norwegian sweater, but as some of you may know, they cost roughly $400-$500 (hand knit, of course).

Well, clearly, this is out of my budget (even though my heart wants to pay it), so I decided I would make one for him instead!  I’ll use a traditional Scandinavian pattern, order the yarn direct from the source, and get crackin’.  It’s LIKE he bought it from the ol’ motherland, it’s just my little hands that are doing the work!

Upon doing research, I stumbled upon this beauty!  A KIT!  PERFECT!  It’s Icelandic, but it was the most accessible for what I thought would work for my dad (and me), so I ordered it!!!  No only do you get all the yarn you need to make the sweater, you get a complete book of about 20 scandinavian patterns!

I ordered everything right before Christmas so I didn’t want to get started!  I wrapped up the yarn and the book for my dad and put it under the Christmas tree!  He was so happy to receive a box of yarn!!  🙂

My parents came to visit at the end of May, so I made sure I had it done by then.  The pattern was easy to follow and moved quickly.  It was PERFECT!  My dad was born to wear that sweater!   I was in such a zone, I took ZERO pictures of my progress!!!  And off my parents went with my very best work ever!!!  And no proof I made it!!!

And fast forward to today, Father’s Day!!!  My parents live outside of Boulder, CO, and I received this little gem of a photo from my mom and her cell phone:

My parents drove up to the mountains (Idaho Springs, I believe) this morning to do a little “photo shoot” of my dad in his sweater!  My mom says she has 30 photos total!!!  I can’t wait to share them with you!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all you handsome dads out there!!!



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We love fall for the same reasons most other ladies do: cable knit sweaters, scarves, tights, and  boots giving the feeling of being cozy without actually having to be inside.  And we obviously love fall because it’s the time of year we have an excuse to sit around and be creative!  Fall fashion is always amazing and gets our gears going…

We’d like to highlight a couple of our favorite designs for this fall season that inspire us to create!

Plum and teal seem to be popping up all over the place.  The rich, warm and seductive nature of deep magenta seems to balance the crispness of autumn air while teal enhances it. 

Here are a few catalogues we’ve been studying for this season that are focusing on purples and teal:

  • NOA NOA.  Everything about this designer…Wow.  I wish I could step out my door and into this amazing Danish dream… swoon…

p.s. they have a “miniature NOA NOA,” which is just as magical…

  • This is Lolly’s Laundry out of Denmark.  Other than the fact that I can’t stop staring at how gorgeous her hair is, the catalogue is amazing…



 Come on!  Make something!  What fall trends are you inspired by?

There’s so much beauty out there!  Create your own!  Be inspired!!!!

Show us what you got!


Have an inspired and exciting weekend!!!




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