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Remember me? I’m Kerith!  And I’ve been an absentee member of Midwest Needles for a few months!  But please…let me explain!!!

My husband and I bought a house a year ago in Milwaukee, and, well…you know how it goes, just a few months later, I was offered a position in Chicago I just couldn’t refuse!!!!

We planned on renovating the house as we could, doing it ourselves and planning every little step to make the perfect place, but that changed once we realized we would be moving…!

So, we went into hyper-speed and made a few compromises…

Here’s what we started out with…



Yes, we have several things to discuss here…

1.  Yes, that is carpet on the floor.  It was a nice office/outdoor type of carpet.  Very clean (I hope you sense the sarcasm);

2.  Yes, that is an avocado green electric stove.  One might say, “AWESOME!  RETRO!  VINTAGE!”  I say, “Could I please have an oven door that does not take two hands to open and close?”

3.  Yes, that is a peach sink;

4.  Yes, those curtains have mushrooms on them (not in a cute way); and

5.  Yes, the lamp/fan is a classy combination of wicker, gold, and yellow and orange flowers.

Then, it turned into this:

After we moved in, I spazzed out, to put it lightly, and took all the doors off all the cabinets because the kitchen was so dark, it was making me claustrophobic.  We lived with the kitchen like this for almost a year.  We got a new fridge (the old one was from the 80s) and my husband’s parents gave us their “old” stove, which was about 30 years newer than what we were previously working with, so we were more than happy to accept.

We tested a little area to see what was under the carpet, and sadly, the carpet was glued down to a linoleum floor, under which was just floorboards…  😦

  We covered up the square we cut out of the floor with this rug because we didn’t know what else to do!  We’re super classy.  And as you may remember…JT loves a good photo opportunity!!!

Oh, oops!  How’d she sneak in there!!!??!!  That’s our little Ginger Snap!  We finally caught her with the camera  (p.s. you also get a nice close up of our kitchen carpet)!

What we did:

1.  New floors;

2.  New hardware on the cabinets;

3.  New appliances;

4.  New counters;

5.  New sink;

6.  Crown molding; and

6.  New paint EVERYWHERE (trim, tile, wall…)

And here it is!  It’s about 98% done, just a few minor things to fix up!  Pre-heatin’ the oven for some cookies!!!



And the cookies will go right there on the cake stand!

And that’s why I’ve been absent!  I hope you’ll forgive me…




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