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Hello, hello!

We have some N-E-W-S for you!

Midwest Needles has decided to move to big cartel in the form of the following shops:

www.otilliescloset.bigcartel.com – here you can find hand-knit jewelry, reproductions of vintage patterns, and creative repurposed vintage clothing

www.hellotricotee.bigcartel.com – here you can find hand-knit home accessories, featuring the Doxie Door Draft Dodgers, and other home goods

You can also follow our new blogs of the same names! ¬†ūüôā

www.otilliescloset.com and www.hellotricotee.com

We hope you find us on twitter and facebook, too!!!

So, that brings us to the sale!!! ¬†Please use code, “AWESOME” at our etsy shop¬†to receive 30% off all our products!!! ¬†And we’ll even send you an extra lil’ coupon for our shops (15%) with your purchase!!!

We think you guys are tops, first rate even!  We appreciate all your support and love and encouragement!!!  We hope you follow us on our new adventures!!!


kerith & kate


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Hello again!

As you may remember, my parents spent Father’s Day up in the mountains doing a little photo shoot for me (I forgot to take pictures of a sweater that took me a million years to make). ¬†And, boy, did they take it seriously…!!!!

Ok! ¬†I’d like to note that my parents REALLY focused on the “Scandinavian” aspect of the sweater, and found really great places to take pictures of the sweater in what may look like Norway (actually Loveland Pass, Dillon Lake, and Idaho Springs, CO)!!! ¬†But they took no photos of the details or the stitches of the sweater!!! ¬†But I’m ok with that!!! ¬†Because they spent Father’s Day together having fun and making an adventure out of the fruits of my labor!!!! ¬†ūüôā



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Hello, lovelies!¬† We’ve got a pattern review from Doggy Knits, by Anna Tillman.¬†

I tried the pattern called “Pretty in Pink” toward the end because, honestly, how could you not do that for a lovely little lady like Ginger Snap?!

This is the final piece:

As you can see, I did knit the sleeves as the pattern said, but after Ginger Snap tried it on, the sleeves really didn’t work out for her.¬† They were too close together and even though I did make them shorter than the pattern suggested, they still were just too weird for her shape, so I removed them, and now she can move freely!

Also, the buttons they suggested were just not classy enough for Ginger Snap.  I bought her one silver bone button with a little dazzle in the middle, then 4 glass bobble beads for the others.  And now she is a princess!

Here is our photo shoot!

So let’s review!

1. Ginger Snap is precious.

2. This book is definitely not for beginners!¬† There is minimal instruction.¬† Plus the patterns¬†are written in British English, which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal until you realize you don’t know what some things mean…there is a translation chart at the beginning of the book, which you should most definitely look at.¬†

3. The pattern does a “tuck” at the bottom to keep the sweater from scrunching up on its own.¬† I really like this method, and it really does keep the sweater on Ginger Snap’s little belly.¬† You can see the tucks in the first two pictures.

4. I also used a machine washable yarn because the yarn suggested for this sweater was a cashmere blend…and no offense, but I’m going to need to wash that sweater after Ginger Snap wears it a few times.¬† She may be classy, but she is a doggy.

5. If I had to do it again, I’d make the space between the armholes a little bit bigger for her doxie chest, not as many decreases like they said.¬† I do not have any¬†complaints about the sizing of the pattern because dogs are all sorts of weird shapes and the size I used for Ginger Snap (the smallest they had) was fairly accurate other than the sleeves and the space between them.

So, what do you think?¬† Have you ever handmade anything for your classy K-9?¬† My next project is for JT, so he’ll be posin’ for you soon!!



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Here we are!


And this is our new craft {ad}venture!

We’re creating patterns and projects!¬† This is our first!

Cozy Cowl!

Keeps you warm and dry!

They are made to order.  Depending on color availability, you could expect one to be ready for you from between one week and 3 weeks.  You can choose from almost any color of the rainbow!  Really!

Look what we made you for your convenience!

Click on the picture, and it’ll take you to the actual page for the yarn Brown Sheep has available!¬†¬†We used Microsoft Paint!¬† For you!¬† That’s how excited we are about our new projects!

Some yarns are currently on backorder, some may not be available anymore.¬† You should DEFINITELY check with us before placing your order by convo-ing us on Etsy or emailing us.¬† We have our ways of finding the yarn, but it could take a while or we may not be able to find it.¬† So PLEASE!¬† Let’s discuss!¬† ūüôā

Check back soon!¬† We will have more to offer.¬† And that’s a promise!


Kerith & Kate

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