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apparently we’ve reached the halfway point finally.  kerith and i just ordered some spring yarn in colors that look like petals and sorbet and it feels like they won’t come fast enough.  we still have some fun things planned….this weekend we’ll be at discovery world for an indoor market, i have another “compulsive craft” post to do, and we might be doing our very first giveaway….so check back soon! also be sure to snag something from our shop before saturday or it might be gone!!

can you tell kerith is wearing a cutie patootie built by wendy dress?


these pins were for "lettering" in something in high school. my mom just gave me a bunch of old medals from my room. i don't even remember what i got these for....


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This weekend was forecast to be “much” warmer than last Friday, 19-21 degrees Fahrenheit.  Friday, it was 1 degree Fahrenheit!  ONE!

I had some errands to run Saturday morning, and although I didn’t need to be as bundled up as I was on Friday, this is what I wore…


I’m going to be honest…that sweater…I thought I had looooooooooong thrown that away…but I found it. saturday morning. in a bin…!  I got it at J.Crew in 2000.  I think about that time, and I think, “oh, Kerith…that’s not that long ago…”  Um, hello!  That was over 10 years ago!!!

That’s me and JT.  JT is my, ahem, “little” doxie.  You can find him in some other posts, too.  I have one other doxie, her name is Ginger Snap, but she doesn’t like photos as much as my little Tubtubs.

I love that this outfit just pulled together out of pure luck.  When I come up to Milwaukee, I don’t really know what to pack or what my weekend is going to be like, so having this fluffy sweater here was the “cerise sur le gâteau” on such a snowy day!!!

The breakdown is this:

Sweater: J.Crew, ca. fall 2000 (!!!)

Blouse: Anthropologie, ca. fall 2009

Belt: Anthropologie, ca. summer 2008

Skinny cords: J.Crew, ca. holiday 2010

Boots: J.Crew, ca. holiday 2007

And we’re off!



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