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Hello, hello!

We have some N-E-W-S for you!

Midwest Needles has decided to move to big cartel in the form of the following shops:

www.otilliescloset.bigcartel.com – here you can find hand-knit jewelry, reproductions of vintage patterns, and creative repurposed vintage clothing

www.hellotricotee.bigcartel.com – here you can find hand-knit home accessories, featuring the Doxie Door Draft Dodgers, and other home goods

You can also follow our new blogs of the same names!  🙂

www.otilliescloset.com and www.hellotricotee.com

We hope you find us on twitter and facebook, too!!!

So, that brings us to the sale!!!  Please use code, “AWESOME” at our etsy shop to receive 30% off all our products!!!  And we’ll even send you an extra lil’ coupon for our shops (15%) with your purchase!!!

We think you guys are tops, first rate even!  We appreciate all your support and love and encouragement!!!  We hope you follow us on our new adventures!!!


kerith & kate


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We just wanted to say a big congrats to our friends Steve and Kendra who recently welcomed little Camille to their family.  We think she’s adorable and love her precious name!!  She’s also already a big supporter of handmade items…check out her lavender booties knit by our very own Kerith.

Camille even wrote us this sweet note:

Dear Midwest Needles:

Thank you for making these super sweet purple booties…they have kept my feet nice and warm on my occasional trips into the outside world.  I can’t wait to buy more of your finely crafted, handmade baby clothing.

Midwest Needles Rules!



Awww….Camille, we think YOU rule!  We wish the new family all the very best!


Kate & Kerith

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Ok…so this post doesn’t have anything to do with fabric or yarn but it DOES have to do with all things handmade.

My birthday was this past Saturday and this is by far the best present I’ve received in a long time.  My dude made me a coffee table!

the only thing he paid for were the screws.

I recently decided I wanted our apartment to feel like an Urban Rustic Cabin and this fits perfectly…plus it’s handmade and built nearly for free!

a side view.

Late in the summer we found a pallet in great condition near the dumpster where he works.  Of course we HAD to pick it up, not knowing yet what it would become.  A few months later I found he’d planned on making me the most perfect coffee table.  Note the split level design: The lower ledge can be used either for a foot rest or as a place to rest drinks while the upper part is perfect to keep the computer out of the way. (Our computer is our TV..so this works perfectly.)

All made from found wood!

To fill in gaps he used wood he found laying around the basement, but it still retains a very rustic feel and I think it’s perfect!  I had yet to find the perfect coffee table and this fits the bill wonderfully. It’s nice to be with a guy that’s crafty and resourceful!

Have a great start to your week, everyone. Hopefully you are recovering from your food comas…



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