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Hello, hello!

We have some N-E-W-S for you!

Midwest Needles has decided to move to big cartel in the form of the following shops:

www.otilliescloset.bigcartel.com – here you can find hand-knit jewelry, reproductions of vintage patterns, and creative repurposed vintage clothing

www.hellotricotee.bigcartel.com – here you can find hand-knit home accessories, featuring the Doxie Door Draft Dodgers, and other home goods

You can also follow our new blogs of the same names! ¬†ūüôā

www.otilliescloset.com and www.hellotricotee.com

We hope you find us on twitter and facebook, too!!!

So, that brings us to the sale!!! ¬†Please use code, “AWESOME” at our etsy shop¬†to receive 30% off all our products!!! ¬†And we’ll even send you an extra lil’ coupon for our shops (15%) with your purchase!!!

We think you guys are tops, first rate even!  We appreciate all your support and love and encouragement!!!  We hope you follow us on our new adventures!!!


kerith & kate


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As we all know…the U.S. of A. has been hit with a crazy storm of freezing rain and snow. ¬†Yesterday it looked like this…cars still out and about…

Today it looks like this…obviously, no one is driving down this street…

I took a little walk around my neighborhood this morning (after making muffins and posting a new cowl on Etsy), and I found one guy laying in the middle of the intersection. ¬†He told me he likes to “play dead” in the middle of intersections during snowstorms because…”when do you ever get the opportunity to lay in the middle of the street in Chicago?” ¬†Fair enough, my man…fair enough…

Here’s my favorite little strip in my neighborhood…and the coffee shop is open today! ¬†But you have to go through snowdrifts 3 feet high to get there…

And after playing with Peanut, a neighbor’s pooch, I found this poor Volvo…

It’s so nice seeing families outside playing and laughing. ¬†I love seeing little kids buddled up, running around, and falling over. ¬†I love it! ¬†But I thought it was cruel to take pictures of that… ¬†ūüôā

Stay warm…or don’t! ¬†Go play outside.



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